Zero Emissions Vehicle Battery Swap

Zero Emissions Vehicle Battery Swap

Keep your fleet operational 24/7

  • Instantly increase in fleet range with swapping batteries

  • Depots can be centrally located near airports, city centers or large corporate fleet hubs

  • 1-minute swap time lowers charging down time to near zero

  • Purchase and lease options are available for the batteries and swap station

  • Lower energy costs and improved battery life with more versatility to slow charge to avoid demand charges and peak electricity rates

  • Drive-through design for increased fleet efficiency

  • Service and maintenance packages available

  • Adaptable to accommodate different OEM commercial vehicles

  • Driver remains inside the vehicle during battery swap process

Go Green. Save Green.

Drive 200,000 miles and save $76,000 in fuel (70% reduction) and $51,000 in Maintenance (75% reduction). Inquire here for our sales team to reach out to you for more potential savings information.

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