Leading Manufacturer of Zero Emission Transit Buses & Medium Duty Vehicles

With over 20 years of experience, PhoenixEV has developed a reputation for expertise in developing & manufacturing electric drivetrains and is the leading manufacturer of all-electric Transit Buses & Medium Duty shuttles buses, flatbed trucks, work trucks, and school buses. PhoenixEV acquired the transit bus division of Proterra, and combined, has over 1,200 medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles deployed across North America.

We have accumulated over

electric miles and counting!

Go Green. Save Green.


At Phoenix Motorcars, our mission has always been to build quality electric vehicles that exceed customer expectations while helping make our planet a better, greener place for everyone.

Customers across key segments such as airport parking companies, cities, municipalities, corporates and various government agencies have successfully deployed our all-electric, zero emission vehicles to provide sustainable transportation, while benefitting from substantial fiscal advantages over traditionally fueled vehicles.


Feel good knowing that the overall emissions from electric vehicles are much less than those of their combustion-powered counterparts.


Electric motors have fewer moving parts and don’t need fluids to run, they require less maintenance and are less likely to leak.


Not only do electric powered motors require less maintenance, they also run smoother, stronger and with less acceleration required.

All Electric Vehicles

Our noninvasive, all-electric drive system gives us the incredible capability to electrify any body or application that has been built on the Ford E Series platform.

All Vehicles covered with our standard warranty.

Battery Warranty: 5 Years / 150,000 miles
Phoenix Drive System Warranty: 5 Years / 60,000 miles